The difference between then and now. Then it was completely stock. Now it's not. A few of the homebrew mods have been done, nothing major or expensive.
-A half tail chop was about $10 using brass angle brackets and some stainless bolts from the hardware store.
-"Aftermarket" stock exhaust is the typical pipe mod using the instructions gleaned from the forums. I recommend going to a shop and letting them cut them to length with a metal cutting bandsaw. Using a reciprocating saw or other typical cutter you have at home is a major pain in the ass with less than stellar results. An hour of shop time plus stuff to prep and paint is about $100. Better sound, better flow, better looks for cheap.
-MIRRORCYCLE bar end mirrors, $25.
-Alum oil filler plug - waay too expensive for what it is, but it stopped the oil from weeping out onto the engine.
-Canister delete, $0 and about 15 minutes to cut and route hoses.
-Excess parts delete; fenders, chain gaurd, upper frame covers, heat shields
-Airbox chop w/K&N. A dremel worked great to cut a big square hole on the rear facing plan of the airbox lid. Better flow, but not subject to water and dirt being force fed into the filter; $55.
-Header wrap, what a pain in the ass to install, but it looks good and does its job.
-02.19.07: After 5 great years and 10000 miles, the duc has been replaced. See the Trip. It's killer.