Sunday June 31st
Prologue   |   Janesville / Winter Park

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Caravan triumphs over adversity

Our group started the journey from Larry's house in beloit, all seemed well, getting out of town within our timeframe and ready to put some miles in. Traffic was hideous, it's like the Powers That Be didn't want us to get out of Wisconsin. Then, as if confirming this theory, after 24 miles on the road, a wheel popped loose on Chris' roof rack which prompted the rest of us to stop for a reattachment. No big deal right? Continuing on the journey, not 5 minutes later we're driving behind Marshall's car and there's sparks coming from underneath, looks like a catalytic or maybe the heat shield was loose. We get stopped and it turns out he ran over some chicken wire. Alas there was no chicken caged up in there otherwise we might of had ourselves a little meal right then and there. So at this point it feels as though the trip out is cursed.

Thirty minutes had passed and there was a collective sigh of relief as nothing else had gone wrong. Traffic had cleared up and we had started making some time. The ride through Iowa was quick and uneventful with only one stop for gas. Nebraska - possibly the most boring state to drive in - was passing by in the wee hours of the morning. The only point of interest was driving through the Omaha area there was a couple cars pulled over with a LOT of cops and even a police helicopter. There were guns drawn, but we shot by too fast to get the details of what was happening...screw rubbernecking, we've got a lot of miles to cover.

It's interesting trying to find an open gas station in the middle of nowhere at 5 in the morning. Getting off on an exit near Ogallala resulted in passing by a nude-ee bar. The group couldn't be pursuaded to stop though.

Next stop, Sterling, CO for gas - and more importantly - breakfast. We happened upon a Country Kitchen, and it was good. After reaching Denver and passing through, there were areas of the forest just off the interstate that were ablaze. Fire seemed to be the order of the summer for many parts of Colorado.

Thinking we were only a few miles from Winter Park at this point our common sense said we would be getting there soon, but alas construction along highway 40 hampered our efforts to reach our destination. Stop and go bumper to bumper traffic kept us in the vehicles for a good chunk of time. Finally the road opened up and our field of vision was filled with the welcome sight of the quaint little ski town of Winter Park. After about 17 hours on the road, too much Mountain Dew and junk food, we pulled into the driveway of our condo. It was quite the pleasant suprise. Two bedrooms, two baths, pullout couch, cable, kitchen, garage, and a hot tub. It ended up being the perfect home base for a mountain bike vacation with plenty of room and trails out the back door. It's time to ride...