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Sunday October 12; 8:30a
jeff and pam departed for the grand canyon this morning. after a short debate on whether to ride sedona again today or hit the road, i packed up and headed out. sedona just wasn't scratching the 'scary fast' itch for some reason. i think it might have been the lack of a big up following with a big down. with the taste of riding i got in flagstaff, i thought that would be a good place to spend the day riding. instead of going back down to sedona, i took schnebly hill road the other direction. it turns out that it's an exit out to the interstate, quite the handy shortcut. it's pretty smooth that way too even though it's gravel. less than an hour later i was up on mt elden again. the environment here felt more right somehow. there were plenty of trees and shade and the creek, as opposed to the harsh land the sedona rested on, with it's 'mean' plants. and let me tell you, they were mean, they didn't wan'choo touchin'em. whether it was the spiny ones or the spiky ones or big or little, they all said one thing when you looked their way. don't come near me or i'll hurt you.
not here though, in flagstaff, there weren't any plants that could actually impale you if you landed on them wrong.
Monday October 13
after a quick ride today, it was off to vegas to meet the guys from the shop for bob's birthday and hit the last day of interbike. the drive was quite uneventful, coming in to vegas was quite the experience. i managed to find treasure island, which was where everyone was staying, and after driving around for a while, i also found a relatively cheap ($90/night) hotel off the strip to rest my weary bones. after a week straight of camp, ride, repeat; i was ready for a real bed and a hot shower. by the time i got cleaned up and ready, everyone else was done with the show for the day and ready for supper. we ended up walking around and eventually hitting a buffet. it was good as far as buffets go, a bunch of different kinds of food. i think i sampled them all including desert. i must have consumed 5000 calories that meal, a good portion of that being the decadent cakes and pies i sampled. after this it was off to the stratosphere. i opted not to ride considering my full stomach. i don't get queasy on those type of rides, it would have just been uncomfortable to do it at that point. so around 1-2 hours later, those that were doing the ride finally joined those of us who didn't in the casino. we took a bus to old downtown, it was pretty cool with the dome of lights over the street. the one thing that was quite suprising though was the fact that they rolled up the sidewalks at midnight. so it was back to the strip for us, except we couldn't find a bus stop to go back. we ended up walking for a few miles and actually found the bus station
Tuesday October 14
this was the last day of interbike. i was pretty excited, it had been several years since i've been to a show, the last being the cabda show in chicago. i checked out of the hotel and headed over to treasure island to meet the boys. once at the show i checked out the various goodies and scored a little bit of schwag. it was anticlimactic for me, i guess once you've been to a few shows, they all seem to be the same, plus since it was the last day, everything was winding down. after the show, we walked the strip again, the other direction today, checked out an arcade, ate at outback tonight. everyone seemed to be getting tired of the strip and most were sick of gambling too, so i said my goodbye's to all and headed for my car and got the hell out of dodge, it was time to get to moab.

it was late when i left, so after just a few hours of driving, i was ready to hit it. found the first remote exit and promptly fell asleep in the drivers seat for a few hours. the sunrise woke me, along with a few loud trucks going by
Wednesday October 15; 4:40p
i arrived in moab pretty late, i managed to find that jeff had already setup camp on top of slickrock. i wanted to get a ride in, so i threw on my gear and headed off to do slickrock the hard way around. the sun was just starting to go behind the rocks as i was finishing up the loop.
--time 1:24 | dist: 13.3
Thursday October 16; 4:40p
today we had the bright idea of trying to find some singletrack in the lasalles. it seemed like a good idea at the time. the real bitch of it was, we didn't hit a single piece of singletrack the entire day...the entire six and a half hours we were gone.
sixty miles of fire road in various states of repair. dead cows, live cows, cabins in the middle of nowhere, several double back's and a fence crossing we finally found a pass that got us back to a road that was familiar. all of that work climbing and we descend on the road, and ride road all the way back to town.
--time 4:56 | dist: 60
if there's singletrack in the lasalle's, feel free to send an email over with details of how to hit it up.
Friday October 17; 4:40p
it was time for an easy and fun day, a relatively quick ride from camp to the porky trailhead and up to the top, then it was smooth sailing all the way down. my favorite part was flying by a couple of weekend warriors with full body armor, full face helmets and what was most likely rented uzzi's on the way down the mountain. did i mention i was riding my cross country rig in normal riding gear? heh. jeff was lagging behind pretty bad on this one, although a trek fuel and a rock shox fork is not exactly a descending machine. other than bottoming out my marathon on a couple of 30+mph rough sections, i had no complaints. i can't believe i didn't really like porcupine rim the first time i rode it.
ride time: 2:21 | dist: 24
Saturday October 18; morning
jeff and pam were ready to bug out and get back home. after seeing them off, i spent some time contemplating my options. last night sitting at dinner we were watching the cars come into town, it was everyone coming for the 24 hours of moab. that means town was going to be busy as shit. so at this point, i figured, i'm only 6 hours from flagstaff, why not go on back and get some more riding in the mountains. no one was around to argue the suggestion, so i packed up and left for flag. after getting there and setting up camp, there were some people at the adjacent campsite having a party, a birthday party in fact. coincidence, i think not. i promptly joined in on the festivus and libations.
Sunday October 19; happy birthday to me
well, all alone on my birthday, what should i do with myself. well how about a 20 mile singletrack loop on elden. that sounds like fun. so it was up schultz creek to little gnarly and down the jedi trail. there's some challenging stuff on that little piece of trail. from there it was back up to sunset, down the brookbanks and rocky ridge. with the exception of little gnarly and jedi, the rest of that loop would become the ride of choice when in flag. hmm, what else should i do for my birthday, how about some laundry, and maybe burger king for supper. what a hoot. good thing last night was pretty fun at camp.
ride time: 2:04 | dist: 19.4
Monday October 20; morning
after yesterday's ride, i figured it would be fun to do some exploring, so i started looking for trails going west of schultz creek road. it didn't take long before something spurred off into the woods. unfortunately i didn't have the benefit of a map for these trails, the cosmic ray's book only maps between schultz and elden road. so today ended up being pretty much a turn and burn, straight out and up a gnarly rocky trail. after a good 45 + minutes of climbing i think i ended up at the highest elevation for this trail, so i turned it around and blasted down. given the amount of rocks and potential for injury and the fact i was alone, going slower may have been more prudent, but dam, i just can't hold back on new descents. i have no idea what the trail is called, but it doesn't really matter. new trail is good trail.
Tuesday October 21; morning
i think it was last night i decided that this would be my last day of riding. i caught up on my reading, actually finished off the lord of the rings books on this vacation. so this being the last ride, i decided to make it a good one. since there are trails circumnavigating the mountain, i thought, what the heck, let's ride around the entire mountain. setting off up the usual schultz climb, i took sunset and descended little bear. that was almost 1000' of elevation loss in a pretty short amount of time, nothing too scary, but a lot of fast switchbacks. from here the little elden trail melded into sandy seep. this hooked up with the xmas tree trail to fatman's loop and eventually the pipeline. nothing too crazy here, a lot of mainly flat open 1 and 2 track. the pipeline was mainly an access road, and it seemed to go on forever. just when i thought i had gone to far and missed the turn back to the 1 track, i saw my turn and headed back into the mountain. a quick climb of oldham and down rocky ridge back to the trailhead and it was just about over. just as i crossed into camp, the computer turned 25 miles. i was satisfied with that.
--time: 2:49 | dist: 25
so after 17 days of vacation, i was ready to head back, weather was starting to roll in anyway. a week later and the mountain was under snowfall. almost every day i was in flag, i thought to myself, i could live here.