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Sep 6, 2009


So, after months of not trying and absolutely no preparation, Beth and I will be having a child sometime in November. No joke, this is not a drill, fasten seat belts, and put your seat in its full upright position. We're having a girl. All reports from the 'doctors' are in the norm. In fact, let's go ahead and post one of the ultrasound images.

Sep 1, 2009

You're going to do what!?

That's right folks. I'm heading out in about 2 hours...that's 0145 MST to go for a climb up a mountain with some folks from Long's Peak to be exact. It peaks at 14,255 ft and is about 14 miles round trip from the trailhead. It should get us to the peak right around sunrise. I'm afraid we may not get a very good view though, the haze from fires further west has been drifting through the area. Today was a reminder why I left Phoenix, there was a horrible smog blanketing the entire Front Range as far as I could see.

Enough with the negativity already, it's going to be a killer mountaineering trip regardless of the haze. Besides, once I've done it once, going back won't be a big deal.

Aug 8, 2009

UFC 101 Penn | Florian | Silva | Griffin

Check back for up to the minute action from UFC 101. Headlining fights tonight will be Anderson Silva v. Forrest Griffin and BJ Penn v. Kenny Florian. It promises to be a great night. Stay tuned...

And here we go.

Josh Neer v. Kurt Pellegrino

Round 1

Neer is picked up and slammed to the mat right at the start of the round. Pellegrino was, however relegated to Neer's guard and had to defend against a very active Neer, and nearly (pardon the pun) caught in an arm bar. The round ended with Pellegrino in half guard, but mostly neutralized by Neer.

Round 2

This was a near repeat of round one with Neer on his back throwing an occasional arm bar attempt until in the last minute Pellegrino was able to pass to full mount. Neer gave up his back and had to defend the choke for the final seconds of the round.

Round 3

At this point it's obvious to anyone watching that Pellegrino is ahead. Neer is going to have to end this fight in order to win, although I'm not sure how that's going to happen when he's spending the round on his back again. The final minute shaped up to be the most exciting of the fight. Pellegrino has gotten mount again, but is swept by Neer who is now on the attack. Pellegrino's brow has been opened up, but this is a case of too little, too late. Pellegrino wins by unanimous decision.

Kendall Grove v. Ricardo Almeida

Round 1

Grove starts this fight with a huge height and reach advantage. We begin the round with a hard fought clench. Neither fighter is gaining the advantage. They separate and maintain a stand up exchange, then it's back to the clench where Almeida gets the upper hand and takes Grove to the mat. Grove stays very active throwing elbows from the bottom, but almost gives up the back while standing up. That stand up is short lived though as Almeida picks up Grove and slams him down with authority.

Round 2

Almeida starts the round by taking Grove down, which at this point seems like something he can do at will. In a bad move, he leaves an arm free which Grove does not hesitate to capitalize on, cinching a very deep arm bar, but Aleida escaped and got back to the dominate position within Grove's guard. Almeida is able to pass to side control and lands a few good blows, but Grove escapes and the fight is on the feet again. The round ends with Grove again on his back with Almeida in his guard.

Round 3

The round starts with a good stand up exchange. Grove is taken down again but stands almost immediately. Almeida goes for what looks like a flying arm bar and ends up on his back for the first time this fight. Grove lets him up only to be taken down again. The fight ends with both on their feet. Almeida will win this one based solely on the takedowns. Judges unanimous decision, Almeida.

Amir Sadollah v. Johny Hendricks

Round 1

We start with a good exchange on the feet. Sadollah lands the first good blow which seemed to bring the beast out in Hendricks who lands a flurry of uppercuts that brings Sadollah to his knees. The referee steps in to stop the fight. Johny Hedricks wins in round one by TKO.

Shane Nelson v. Aaron Riley

Round 1

This round ends like it began, with both fighters on their feet and neither with a significant advantage.

Round 2

At half way through the round we finally get some action, Riley takes Nelson down, but the lack of action on the ground results in a stand up from the ref. Another uneventful round. If I were scoring, it would be 16-16 at this point.

Round 3

Riley was able to take Nelson down this round for some moderate ground and pound from within the guard. It should be just enough to clench the win. It is. Judges decision, unanimous for Aaron Riley.

Forrest Griffin v. Anderson Silva

Round 1

After about 2 minutes of feeling each other out (and a bit of taunting by the Spider), Silva decided it was time to take the horse by the reigns and landed a solid jab right on the button to KO Griffin who was in the midst of missing with a one-two combination. It looks like Silva continuing on the train to obtain concurrent belts in two different weight classes. I for one would love to see Silva fight Lyoto Machida for the light heavyweight.

BJ Penn v. Kenny Florian

Round 1

The fight remained on the feet for the entirety of the round. Kenflo attempted a takedown, but was thwarted by the superior balance of BJ.

Round 2

Round 2 goes much like the first round in that it was very close. BJ landed a few solid uppercuts and has most likely won the round.

Round 3

Florian is defining this fight with his takedown attempts. They are only attempts though, forcing BJ against the cage, theoretically trying to wear him down. We saw several flurries by BJ in response, but nothing that could stop Kenflo.

Round 4

More of the same takedown attempts from Florian must have finally frustrated BJ into action as he took Kenflo down and went directly to half guard. After a softening up, Florian makes a big mistake in giving up his back to this Jiu-Jitsu World Champion. This would be the beginning of the end as it was only a matter of time before BJ was able to sink the choke forcing Florian to tap. BJ Penn will retain his title beating Kenny Florian by tap out with a rear naked choke.

Here's some youtube of the title fight:

Tonight was a great fight night, with nothing completely unexpected happening. I hope you like the play by play and results for UFC 101.

Jul 18, 2009

Backpacking Extravaganza

Tomorrow morning, I'm hitting the mountains. I'll be heading out of Camp Dick on the Buchanan trail towards the Great Divide. From there, continuing on to Gourd Lake to set base camp. It's 16 miles. I'm estimating an 8-10 hour journey. We'll see how the fishing is on the way. Hopefully shore lunch will be the order of the days. I hope it's not as busy as they say. I'll be staying out there until Tuesday so let's hope even if the weekend is busy, once Monday comes along, the tourists will scatter.

Levi is out of the tour! Unbelievable. He had a legitimate chance at the podium this year. I've taken the last few days off since the 9 days on the bike in a row last week. I'm hoping some job prospects will be coming to fruition upon my return. Money is always tight these days.

Jul 12, 2009

Short day, ok results

Eight days in the saddle so far. I've managed to stay above 50% of the tour's ride time and mileage, but falling a bit behind in the ascending. I had to take a short one today, the legs are in need of a rest. Mapped 18 miles to the top of a climb then stopped recording the route. This allowed for a very easy and almost stress free descent back home. Stress free aside from the dump truck that tried running me off the road that is.

I was given a pretty good virtual time; and skimming through the leaderboard, it looks like I may move up to third overall once results are calculated tomorrow. So let's look at the totals:

You vs Tour
Stages Completed 8 8
Total Distance 325.64 mi. 675.59 mi.
Total Time 18:00:24 30:18:22
Total Ascent 17,900 ft 38,133 ft

I also have managed to flat 3 times in the last 4 days. So much crap in the road now that summer has arrived. Anyone want to donate a tube or two to the cause? I think I'm down to my last spare.

Wrapping up, here's the code words for July 12, Stage 9:

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