2012 Intense Carbine SL

The newest whip, a 2012 Intense Carbine SL with all the trimmings. XT 10 speed, White Brothers Loop, Thomson Titanium bar, Crank Bros. dropper. An all around bike.
2010 Trek Madone 5.9

On the road I roll with a 2010 Trek Madone with the Project One treatment. Mostly Dura-Ace with Ultegra brakes, chain and cassette. The Race X-Lite wheelset this year was re-engineered and feel a lot more solid than the prior years' explosive versions.
1996 Cannondale CAAD3 Hardtail

For all around sport utility riding, a MTB frameset with skinny tires, rigid fork and attachments for the B.O.B. Yak and the kid hauler.
ca. 1976 Raleigh Super Course

A handmedown that has lots of history. I got hauled around on this ride when I was a toddler, now it's in the stable for special occasions.
2009 Santa Cruz Stigmata

In the bad weather when the gravel roads call, the 'cross bike answers.
2005 Titus Racer X

An awesome dualie for most tasks, especially 24 hour solo racing. This one is retired and on the sales floor.
2006 Santa Cruz Superlight

The second of two Superlight frames I've ridden, this was a crash replacement for my '02 model. Not much has changed, and it didn't need to. A solid frame requiring little maintenance I finally retired this in 2012 and sold it off.
2004 Trek 5900 Superlight

My first carbon road bike. Light, smooth, maintenance free. Butter. Full Dura-Ace and Mavic Ksyrium SL's. After six great years, this was sold and replaced with the '10 Madone.
1997 Giant MCM990

My first dualie, and one of the first (the first?) major brand carbon "XC" dual suspension mountain bike. With four inches in the front and back, it ripped mid-western trails. Just a shame there were no disc tabs in back, I may have held on to it longer. This bike eventually made it accross the pond and last I knew lives in New Zealand with its new owner.
Centurion Accordo

Her bike, for family biking outings.