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Carbon Steel Skillet

The Best Info On Cooking, Kitchen Gear and More.

Cooking is a personal journey into the arts, sciences, technologies, and philosophies of the culinary world. The amount of variables that come into play when cooking results in near infinite products to satisfy any appetite in the world. Come with me on a journey of technique and process to find perfection in the preparation of food.

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Not Traditional or Authentic ChimichurriChimmichurri Chimichurri is a sauce that can easily be whipped up in a few minutes and ready to serve after about an hour of letting all the flavors get to know… Read More
Cooking Gear – The Carbon Steel SkilletCarbon Steel Skillet Carbon Steel - It's Not Just For Pros I've had a carbon steel wok for going on 20 years now, and it's great. Near indestructible, and just the right size… Read More
(Office) Award Winning ChiliGolden Spoon Chili is great. Award winning chili is better. Somehow this dish of humble beginnings has become a celebrated culinary adventure. Read More


All The Tasty Things. Read about all your favorite foods.

Eating is a personal journey into the culinary world. The possibilities endless. The flavors, intense. There is endless variation of ingredients, climates, regions, and individuals. This affords us a menu of opportunity to taste your way around the world and satisfy any appetite. Come on a journey of mastication, and above all, enjoy every bite.
Who doesn’t like to eat?

Recent Posts:

Das Güd Garlic Habanero – Heat from Texas This Way Comesdas gud hot sauce Like the label says, this hot sauce is good. Coming to us by way of Galveston, Texas, the Das Güd Spice Co. serves up a rock solid vinegar/habanero based sauce… Read More


Beer. Wine. Mead. Sake. Scotch. Whiskey. All the good drinks we enjoy. Maybe there will be some non-alcoholic stuff too.

Recent Posts:

Barleywine or Imperial BrownImperial Brown I’ve gotten to the point in my brewing hobby where taking some chances and experimenting with ingredients encompasses almost every batch.  With this recipe the goal was to make a… Read More
Pomegranate WitPomegranate Wit Pomegranate Wit with beets? When it came to having to brew a beer with pom and beets I thought long and hard what style attempt. It was really a no… Read More